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Things to Consider when Installing Glass Railings


More and more people are starting to seriously consider installing glass railings instead of traditional railings such as metal or wood. Glass railings have a look that cannot be replicated by the other types of railings. The clean lines and ability to see through them provide a look that is completely unique to them. While glass railings look like an intimidating thing to install, they are relatively straight-forward as long as you keep some things in mind when installation begins.

No matter where you are in the world, the general steps for installing railings are the same. However, due to the fact that glass railings are large sheets of glass, there is plenty that needs to be taken into consideration before you begin the installation. If you go through the trusted team at The Glass Connection you can be sure that all safety is considered but if you go want to go without, here are some key things you should be thinking about.

Types of Glass

Whenever you are looking for glass to use in a railing always be sure that it is safety glass. Normal panes of glass used in windows are not strong enough to be used in glass railings. The type of glass used in glass railings is usually toughened glass that is around four times stronger than regular glass. There is also the option of laminated glass that includes a plastic interlayer film like that found in car windshields.

Storage of the Glass

If you are ordering the glass on your own, then you might need to store the glass until you are ready to install them. The best tips for storing the glass are to lift it vertically, keep the packaging in one piece and protect the edges in particular.

Safety Handling Glass

If you decide to handle the glass yourself during installation always be sure that you are being careful. Wear protective gloves at all times and be sure that you have assistance when handling the larger sheets of glass. Using rubber grommets and rubber shoes reduces both the chance of slippage and any unnecessary damage to the glass. If you are not directly involved with this step of installation make sure that anyone else is following proper safety guidelines.

Care of Glass

Once the installation is over, you must still maintain your glass railing. Most glass railings are protected by a glass coating. This coating ensures that the surface of your glass railing maintains its clarity and look. Once, after your railings are installed, you shouldn’t need to worry about them besides regular cleaning with glass cleaner.

Glass railings can be a wonderful addition to any space. The unique look they provide is something that makes them worth getting. However, they are not without issues. By keeping some of these things in mind when it comes time for the installation of your glass railings you can be sure that the installation goes smoothly and without worry.


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