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4 Important Things to Know When Buying Glass Railings


Glass railings are a wonderful addition to any project no matter where you decide to use them. The beautiful aesthetic makes glass railings an attractive option to anyone looking to install new railings. However, there are many things to consider whenever any improvements are being done. While glass railings are amazing there are still a few things to know and consider when you decide you want to purchase them. Listed below are 4 big things to consider when you are thinking of buying glass railings.

1. Look

Glass railings offer a sophisticated and clean look to any space they are a part of. The see-through glass and minimal posts offer an unobstructed view. This can really help make a space look much larger then it is. The posts of a glass railing can be customized to fit any space. Metal or wood posts can be used to complement the space where you install your railings. If you don’t want to have clear glass for any reason, there is also the option to get the tinted or frosted glass. While this doesn’t provide the same sightlines as regular glass, it still provides the clean look that glass has.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance for glass railings is relatively simple and easy. The railings need only an occasional cleaning with a glass cleaner every once and a while. Nothing beats a simple wipe down when it comes to cleaning. If the idea of simple and low maintenance is appealing, glass railings may be what you’re looking for.

3. Safety

Opposed to traditional railings that have gaps between the bars, glass railings are made with solid sheets of tempered glass. This means that there is very little space for little ones or things to fall through. If you want the peace of mind that nothing will fall through the railing, glass railings are a great choice. Glass railings are also stronger than most people assume. They do not simply shatter as people would assume since they are made with multiple panes of tempered glass.

4. Investment

It’s no secret that glass railings are a bit more expensive than traditional wood or metal railings. What some people forget when it comes to glass railings is that they are very desirable when it comes to the resale value of your home. While the initial cost might seem a bit higher than expected, you will recoup the cost if you ever decide to sell.

These are just some of the things to know if you’re thinking about getting glass railings installed. Glass railings are a very clean addition to any project that can help change the look of a space dramatically. If you have any interest in glass railings do not hesitate to contact us about getting them installed into your home.


All credit goes to The Glass Connection


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