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Types of Glass to Use for Commercial Storefront


If you are starting your own company and need glass for your storefront to really make your business stand out from the rest, there are a lot of options you can pursue to perfectly match the look you are going for!

Below are the types of glass that are suitable for your commercial storefront and the advantages for each one. There really isn’t a wrong choice when choosing the type of window you want to use for your commercial building, it will ultimately come down to which one you like best.

Silica Glass

Although the price of silica glass can be very high, it is very worth it when you see how beautiful they make your building look. The high sand content makes it difficult to melt, but the end result is a thin and transparent type of glass that will highlight any business perfectly!

Insulating Glass

Insulating glass is great for heat control in any type of weather. During the winter, the insulating glass will help keep the heat in, while it will help keep the heat out during the summer. Insulating glass provides a thermal break, which in turn improves thermal performance and it also minimizes air-to-heat transfer through a special glazing technique.

Silk-Screened Glass

The silk-screened glass is used to reduce glare and makes it harder for people to see into your building. Manufacturers of silk-screened glass apply a ceramic paint or frit to make various patterns or make the glass a different colour. This type of glass is great for corporations that mostly employ office workers or companies who want to spruce up the look of their building with vibrant coloured windows.

Soda Lime Glass

Soda lime glass is one of the more common types of glass used by companies because they have no colour. Soda lime glass is composed of calcium and sodium that allows a vast amount of light to enter a building to provide healthy natural lighting for your employees and customers. This type of glass is also very durable and can withstand many powerful chemicals.

Spandrel Glass

Spandrel glass is usually used on larger projects like HVAC systems, floors, columns, wiring, and plumbing. Sometimes the sunlight may affect the appearance of your spandrel glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is 3 to 4 times as strong as most annealed glass, even though they have the same thickness. Tempered glass is considered a safety glass since the fragments are smaller than regular types of glass if it’s broken.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is one of the safest options you can choose when picking the glass you want to use for your commercial storefront. It is made of plastic polyvinyl that is sandwiched between two or more lines that are bonded by heat. Some of the benefits of laminated glass include if it breaks, the fragments attached to the plastic layer, it reduces sound, it’s bullet resistant, it protects against forced entry, and it’s great for reducing theft.

No matter what type of glass you choose for your commercial storefront, The Glass Connects will be able to cut and shape any type of glass you want to use. Call us at (905)597-2240 or visit our website to get your free quote today!


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