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3 Considerations for Glass Railing


If you're looking to do some renovations on your home, one thing to consider is installing a glass railing. Glass railings can be intimidating if you don't know a lot about them. Questions about whether they may break or if they are sturdy enough for the wear and tear of daily life come to mind. Glass railings are entirely safe, however, and will add a lot to your space. Instead of closing off the room it will open up the area, and light can get through it, rather than being blocked and creating unwanted shadows. Here is some great information on glass railings that will make you reconsider them as an option, and hopefully take the plunge the next time you renovate!


1. What's in a Glass Pane


Glass breaking is one widespread fear of glass railings. If you took a tumble on the stairs, you want to know that you're safe. Glass railings can actually be safer than their wooden counterparts as the glass used in glass railings is not normal glass. Glass railings are either made out of safety glass, which is four times tougher than standard glass and is "shatter safe", similar to glass used in a car. If not made out of this type of glass it is made from glass that has a plastic film inside of it. This is what is used in windshields, and if it cracks then the glass is caught by the film and does not go everywhere.


2. Framed or Frameless


Framed glass railings are the more common of framed and frameless glass railing options. It has a luxurious feel to it but has heightened safety in comparison to a frameless railing. In comparison though, a frameless railing is stunning and gives a completely unobstructed view. It is a great option for decks and balconies, while inside on a staircase a framed glass railing would be a superior option.


3. Maintenance


One thing that people are tentative about when it comes to getting a glass railing is the idea that it will need a lot of maintenance. Once the railing has been installed, then there is nothing to worry about as far as it coming loose or needing servicing. The only thing that it needs is to be cleaned of fingerprints and marks. This is easy, and with spot-cleaning should take very little time.

Glass railings are stunning additions to any home. Whether you have them installed in your staircase, or you get them installed on your balcony or deck, they will add to the property value and attractiveness of your home. The team at The Glass Connection can install a glass railing in your home that is both beautiful and functional. Glass railings are the perfect pair to floating stairs or in a room with large windows where you don't want the light to be obstructed. Call us today, and we will be happy to guide you through the process and install a clean, bright glass railing in your home.



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